Can you use exterior paint inside? This is a question that many people have probably asked themselves before embarking on a painting project. But did you know that there is a difference between the two? Find out more in this blog article!

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside Elizabeth, NJ

Which One To Use?

When it comes to exterior painting services, you must learn the difference between exterior and interior paint. The two are for different surfaces. Interior paint should not be used on exterior surfaces as it is more delicate. It won’t stand being scrubbed and cleaned like the exterior paint and may wash off the walls during the stormy season. Exterior paint, on the other hand, is often exposed to different outdoor elements. It protects your exterior walls from mildew, pests, and more.

Exterior Paint Inside?

So, can you use exterior paint inside? Our advice would be no. As we already mentioned, interior paint is more delicate, and your indoor surfaces will need to be cleaned and scrubbed before painting. When painting your exterior walls, choose paint suitable for masonry and stucco. It will protect the surface from moisture and will allow it to breathe.

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside Elizabeth, NJ

What Can You Do?

What should you do if you can’t identify paint types? Hire professional painters. They have access to different paint brands and colors. They will also advise you on the perfect one for your exterior surfaces and will make sure they are not damaged. It will provide peace of mind and protect your walls against the elements. Plus, the paint will last longer. You won’t have to worry about purchasing professional paint, either.

Discover: Can you use exterior paint inside? 

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