If you’re planning to transform the look of your interior doors, you might as well get creative and choose colors that look unique and fun. This blog post will give you a few interior door paint ideas to transform the overall atmosphere of your property.

Interior Door Paint Ideas Elizabeth, NJ

Choose Contrast

If your room is painted white, why not opt for a full-black interior door? It will create an eye-catching design statement with minimal effort. The dark shade will contrast beautifully with the white paneled wall. It will work perfectly, especially if you already have darker items in the room.

Go Retro

Does your home have unique, vintage pieces and details? If so, it’s time to go for some more retro vibes. You can create a monochrome effect with a light gray color on the entire door and trim. If you need help with selecting the perfect shade, you opt for professional interior painting services. Experts can assess the look of your space and help you choose a color that blends seamlessly with your existing decor. 

Interior Door Paint Ideas Elizabeth, NJ

Create Depth

If you prefer a minimalistic style, you can select a light beige color for your bathroom door. It will create a monochrome look and make your door stand out on white walls. This option can add visual complexity and depth throughout your home.

“Barely There”

If you’re afraid of bold colors, keep it simple with a muted color like subtle pink. If your walls are in warm, neutral colors, this type of door will blend perfectly. Doors don’t need to be bold to make a statement.

Transform your space with interior door paint ideas!

We hope these interior door paint ideas inspire you for your next project! If you need professionals who can handle the painting process, reach out to Global Painting at (908) 466-3255 today. We are in Elizabeth, NJ and can’t wait to transform your space!