Do you want to make your indoor area wall look unique and outstanding? If you can’t think of any specific ideas for your project, this blog post will share some creative and well-known wall painting techniques. Check them out and consider them for your property.

Wall Painting Techniques Elizabeth, NJ

Color Washing

Color washing can give any space a more elegant and sophisticated appearance. It is layering two paint colors together, typically a lighter and darker version of the same color. This technique works best with light and dark gray or complementary colors. However, it’s not a good idea to go for colors with too much contrast. It can make the wall look a bit messy.

Ombré Effect

Who doesn’t love a bit of an ombré effect? It looks fun and can make any room brighter. This technique involves one paint color fading into another. It usually goes from dark to light or vice versa. You can select three colors instead of two for that gradual fading effect. It happens as the third color is between the two main ones.

Wall Painting Techniques Elizabeth, NJ


Striping is another one of the prevailing wall painting techniques homeowners go for. Adding vertical or horizontal stripes on the wall can make a bold statement. You can also get super creative with the colors and the thickness of the stripes. For example, you can opt for thick stripes that strongly contrast with the base color of your wall. If you want to keep things subtle, choose thin stripes and a more neutral base.

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