Have you ever wondered when to stain a deck and how to determine the perfect timing for the process? This blog post aims to provide you with more information and expert advice. Read on to learn more and ensure the beauty of your deck!

When to Stain a Deck Elizabeth, NJ

The Right Timing

Choosing the wrong timing for your deck staining service can cause more damage. In early spring, the air is still humid, and there’s frequent rain, so you might want to wait. The summer season is not ideal either, as the weather is too hot and can cause the deck stain to evaporate much faster. Late spring or early fall is the perfect time for deck staining. 

When to Stain a Deck Elizabeth, NJ

The Best Temperature

When staining your deck, choose a day when the temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees F. This way, the stain will penetrate the wood and won’t evaporate quickly. You should also wait for a bit before using your deck again. If you’ve used oil-based stains, it may take a bit longer as they provide deeper, richer colors. Water-based stains usually dry for 24-48 hours and are easy to apply.

Do You Need Deck Staining?

It’s important to know not only when to stain a deck but also whether or not your deck needs staining. There’s a test you can perform to see if you need to apply stain. Simply pour water on the wood and examine the site. If you notice that the water soaks the wood, it’s time for deck staining. If the water beads and runs off the surface, your deck is still protected.

Discover When to Stain a Deck

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